Prof. Dr. Herbert Burkert'in Dersinden Başlıklar

Konu: Reflections on the Information Law Method and on the Regulation

Prof. Dr. Herbert Burkert'in 12 Kasım 2018 tarihinde Enstitü'de yaptığı konuşmanın temel başlıkları aşağıdaki gibi:

  • "GDPR, freedom of information and archiving regulations as a normative concept of information management.
  • Information flow and technological developments which has direkt effect on that flow such as search engines, social media, web archives and mobile internet.
  • Interplay between Remembering and forgetting in information technology, in the digital age, individual forgetting, organizational forgetting and societal forgetting
  • Archiving of personal data in the analog and in the digital age
  • What would be contributions of information law as method to that discussions?"