Structure of Program

In addition to the courses offered in the program, students can also take courses in other Master and PhD programs of the University such as Law, Business Administration (MBA), International Finance Master, Financial Economics Master, Accounting and Auditing Master, Business Administration (Organization-Management).

The Graduate Program in Information Technology Law offers two types of graduate options to students: "thesis" and "Without Thesis". The credit burdens of these programs differ, but no distinction is made in terms of the courses offered.

In Information Technology Law Graduate Program, classes are given in Turkish.

Student Profile:

The Information Technology Law Master’s Program is for only graduate law students who is interested in information technology law and who wants to specialize in this area.

Course Load:

Thesis graduate program students must successfully complete at least 7 courses (42 credits), plus one semester of seminar course, and a successfully defended master’s thesis.

Non-thesis graduate program students must successfully complete at least 10 courses (60 credits) and a master's project.

For Graduate Diploma in Information and Technology Law:

- Those who prefer a thesis program are required to choose at least 5 classes from ITL Coded classes.

- Those who prefer a non-thesis program are required to choose at least 7 classes from ITL Coded classes.

Course Length:

According to the new guidelines of the Higher Education Board (YOK), dated April 20, 2016, all course that are part of the thesis program must be completed within the first four semesters and the thesis must be completed within six semesters.

Non-thesis students must successfully complete their courses and project within three semesters.

For both thesis and non-thesis students, the project or thesis cannot be accepted until all other necessary.