Aim of the IT Law Master’s Program

The IT Law Master’s program is a one to two-year program, designed to give an immersive experience to law students in order to provide them with an in-depth understanding of current issues in information technologies. The classes are designed to be dynamic, being updated every year to address the current concerns of information technologies. The faculty consists of seasoned IT Law professors, engineers, CEOs of the biggest IT companies in Turkey, as well as the current President of the Turkish Data Protection Authority.

4+1 Bilgi

An innovative opportunity in higher education, 4+1 BİLGİ provides an opportunity for our undergraduate students to start their graduate education during their senior years. Students admitted to our designated graduate programs through 4+1 BİLGİ will receive 40 % tuition waivers.

Our senior students are invited to take two graduate courses. Two courses can be split to Fall and Spring semesters or both of them can be taken in one semester. These courses should be taken as extra to their normal credit load. Registration to these courses can be done with a petition (provided below) that bears the signature of the student and the coordinator of the graduate program which the student wishes to attend.

For more information, see 4+1 Bilgi

Erasmus Exchange

Master of law students who have proficiency in German, English, or French may be granted the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters. For more information, see International Center.

History of the IT Law Institute

The Information and Technology Law Master’s Program is the first and only master’s program in the field of information technology in Turkey and it is the first graduate program in Istanbul Bilgi University’s Information Technology Law Institute. This program reflects the investments made by Istanbul Bilgi University since 1994 when the Information Technology Research and Application Center was started in order to study the information technology related laws of our country. On the 16th of May 2010, Istanbul Bilgi University continued its commitment to being a leader in information law by transforming the Information Technology Research and Application Center into the Information Technology Law Institute being published in the Official Gazette. On the 16th of June 2010, the IT Law Institute received confirmation from the Higher Education Board (YOK) regarding the institutes intent to begin a master's degree, e-master's degree and doctoral program. Since the fall of 2010, the IT Law Institute has had in place a master’s program with thesis and without thesis. So far 81 students have successfully graduated from this master’s program.