NoC: ICT, Law and Innovation: Recent Developments, Challenges and Lessons Learned

The first Network of Centers (NoC) regional event, a symposium on “ICT Laws and Innovation: Recent Developments, Challenges, and Lessons Learned” took place on May 23-24, 2013 at Bilgi University, Istanbul, in collaboration with the IT Law Institute at İstanbul Bilgi University, The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and Network of Centers. Here is a brief summary (see below) of the conversations of the NoC participants present at the event.

Generally, the event convened a diverse group of collaborators working on Internet & society issues in Turkey, the surrounding region, and internationally. The symposium was divided into two parts: at the public meeting on May 23 (agenda), the central theme lay on the interplay between ICT laws, innovation and entrepreneurship, with a focus on recent developments in Turkey and related trends in neighboring countries. In a series of panel discussions, participants explored key issues and open questions, discussed challenges and opportunities, and shared general observations and lessons learned from other countries.

On May 24 (agenda), the NoC participants present convened for a series of small working meetings, which focused on the following topics:

  1. Towards a Shared Internet & Society Curriculum;
  2. Government Approaches to Internet Content Control;
  3. Proposal on a Joint Research Project on Online Intermediaries;
  4. Entrepreneurship Education.

Here is the summary document, which is meant to provide a brief summary of the conversations.

The NoC said: “This first regional NoC event provided an excellent opportunity to continue discussions initiated at the Berkman Symposium on “Internet-Driven Developments: Structural Changes and Tipping Points” that took place at Harvard University last December (see the symposium’s final report for more details), and gave rise to many new ideas. We would hereby like to thank our host IT Law Institute at İstanbul Bilgi University, Prof. Leyla Keser, who not only managed to convene a highly interesting and diverse group of speakers from Turkey and the region, but who also was a wonderful host to those of us present at the symposium.”

Date: May 23-24, 2013
Venue: İstanbul Bilgi University
Silahtarağa Campus,
Conference Hall, E3 101