AI systems already started to change the way we live and work. AI systems are also a major driver of data driven economy, competition and innovation. In order to increase opportunities and benefits, we have to tackle substantial risks of AI systems on human rights, democracy and the rule of law. MIND is a multidisciplinary dialogue platform of the BILGI Information Technology Law Institute consisting of NGOs, academia, tech people, private sector, public institutions, youth and children in order to discuss opportunities/risks and find solutions, create synergy, awareness, collaboration and develop policy as to AI systems. To do that MIND organises thematic stakeholder consultations in Turkey separately or in collaboration with relevant national and/or international institutions such as the CAHAI in terms of verifying the results of the work done by that national/international stakeholders. On the other side MIND organises roundtables, 1:1 meetings and other kinds of scientific events to define and address challenges of AI systems in various sectors such as finance and banking, healthcare and telecommunication. MIND embraces “rights-based AI” as one of the guiding principles for its mission.