BILGI Information Technology Law Institute”s Policy and Regulatory Practice on AI (ITL PRP: AI) Hub is an interdisciplinary unit, which helps governmental, nonprofit, technical, academic and private sector organizations implement AI systems best practices and turn principles of AI systems and regulatory requirements into operational realities. The Hub tackles concrete policy and regulatory implementation challenges, and co-develops pragmatic approaches with public, nonprofit and private decision makers working to develop, deploy, and use AI systems in legally, ethically, technically and socially-responsible ways. ITL PRP: AI creates an environment for learning, knowledge-sharing and capacity-building in which participating organizations/institutions can work with diverse expert collaborators to define and address key problems and create actionable solutions. Outputs range from policy, corporate and regulatory frameworks are developed with an eye towards inclusion, replicability, applicability and broad usefulness. ITL PRP: AI works on concretizing “Principled and Rights Based AI systems” in a context specific manner in line with key values and principles enshrined in the international human rights instruments.
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