Information Technology Law Institute is Approved by the Higher Education Board!

As the Information Technology Law Institute, we would like you to share a surprise news with you. Our application to Higher Education Board on opening the Information Technology Law Institute has been approved! While some people thought that opening an Institute is almost impossible because of specific issue which is a very specific field. Thus, the first Institute in information technology law in Turkey has overcome the most difficult process. Now, we are waiting for Higher Education Board’s decision to be approved by the Council of Ministers. If the Council of Ministers also approves, Institute will be opened.

For those of you who are curious about the answer to the "Why Institute" question; According to the regulations of Higher Education Board, Institutes can act independently as faculties in terms of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs. In Turkey, there was not a specially qualified master and particularly doctoral program. This important gap will be filled by the Institute.

Fields such as Computer Forensic, e- Commerce, Information Security, Cyber Security and Cyber Crime, e-State, Data Protection will be thought under an Institute in Turkey. As to the next step, as you can guess, we will make ÜAK accept IT Law as a separate field of expertise, which is open for doctorate and professorship degree.

We believe that Information Technology Law Institute is going to achieve great success for our country and the world!